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“We, by our arts may be called the grandsons of GodLeonardo Da Vinci’’

Homo sapiens after going through countless years of evolution bestowed humanity with two splendorous gifts that of language and arts. The Art and human interaction go back centuries to earliest European art which dates backs about 35000 years, with wonderful geniuses – the sung and unsung heroes who gave wings to their imagination.

Art has permeated through the human culture universally, in its ubiquity, with its interaction one derives an inexplicable pleasure. Who doesn’t relish the beauty of Nefertiti, enjoys the innocence of paintings in Ajanta Alora and gets mesmerized with an ever beautiful, captivating smile of Monalisa!

David is adored by millions, generations have been floating in a surreal world by painting of Salvadore Dali. In today’s world, it is fairly common to see houses in New York adorned with sculpture of Buddha that’s made in an interior village of Thailand with its walls are graciously decorated with painting of an unknown artist from south of France, lying below are Persian blanket in their living room, also It’s fairly common to see a non-Asian wrapped in beautiful Saree, glistering with stunning Indian jewelry on the broadway of London with leather handmade bag from Italy.

Art is Global and uniquely local. Art connects the world and binds individuals across the globe.

We at Two Corners admire and salute amazing artist from across the Globe and have taken up the responsibility to cluster together and promote the geniuses behind the pieces of art, art that gives beauty to the world around through our 1000 Stories Campaign.

It’s a unique platform to provide recognition to various artists. In the past few months our team has extensively researched and traveled to various countries. We discovered that there so wonderful artist in every country expressing their regional and individual cultural taste, philosophy, spirituality through their art forms which, though famous in the region around, still is hidden from most of the world.

We observed, some arts which are available in antique shops and art galleries across the world, having a deep cultural significance and equally fascinating way for its creation unknown from the masses.

As Gaurav, an artist from Tikamgarh a small district in Madhya Pradesh, India said,”This kind of Brass statues is only made in our town, it takes a lot many days to create one sculptor. My family is the master in this unique art’’.

Idea behind this project

1000 stories campaign aims to serve as a voice to artist par excellence, master of their craft to connect with the aficionados of their arts and lovers of art across the globe. We will publish stories of 1000 artists from across the world with content celebrating their diverse and unique art, their own idea and bio, the entire journey of their creation, associated tales and folklore behind the art form.

Two does not charge money to publish these amazing stories. We’ve wish to nurture this community with an altruistic motive of empowering arts and the artist

The Process

  • Two Corners’ marketing experts and art team will help in interviewing, editing and publish stories of artists on their website and all will be shared all prevailing social media channels such as Facebook, twitter, google+, Instagram, YouTube. These activities will enable artists to get reach far and wide across world audience.
  • Two Corners team will compile selective stories and publish a well illustrated, detailed book on artists and arts which will be disseminated across the Art galleries in Europe and Asia, government officials, art committees and business dignitaries, art collectors and lovers.
  • Short videos will be created interviewing artist and will be shown on selected social media platform

Vision of  the 1000 Stories Campaign

  • It will help artist to disseminate information and knowledge about themselves and their art across the world.
  • This step will have far reaching effect in terms of preservation and propagation of information, and gaining much needed economic support for artists. Furthermore, it will open several avenues for business for artists in terms of selling.
  • It will serve as a platform among artists to create fusion arts and Co create together.
  • It will boost dying and ethnic arts and surge a new life in it.
  • It will help artists in connecting with the wider audience of art lovers and share their thoughts, get feedback and appreciation & love they deserve.

How to apply?

  • If you are an artist kindly fill the form below or contact us.
  • If you are an art lover refer 1000 stories campaign to artists in your area and inform us about their art.
  • And most importantly, spread the word on social media.

See you in the world of Love and Art! 

Team TC.


If you wish to join us….It’s Easy Peasy!!

Just fill in the details below and one of us will get back to you at the earliest.

We’re waiting for you!

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