Kavitha Ashtakala



I am Kavitha Ashtakala, MBA by education and an artist out of love for jewellery

Kavitha’s Workshoppe was born out of an  inherent passion for costume jewellery a burning desire to do something on my own and a need towards a better work-life balance,.  With a load  of encouragement  from family and  friends, there has been no looking back!

Kavitha’s Workshoppe showcases costume and fashion jewellery. Http://www.facebook.com/kavithasworkshoppe

A part of Kavitha’s Workshoppe’s collections are exclusively hand-crafted.  My favourite medium is beads and stones.  The designs are simple yet exclusive which help accessorise a woman better and make her feel more beautiful and special.   I love working with myriad colours  and enjoy creating designs which are Indo-western, versatile and  can be worn at ease with shirts,T-shirts, dresses  salwar kameez or saris.

Through Kavitha’s Workshoppe, I fulfill another passion –that of doing my bit to society.  A part of the proceeds from Kavitha’s Workshoppe goes to a School for Special  Children. What keeps me constantly motivated and adds wings to my creativity is the constant faith and encouragement that my customers repose in me!

Here’s a glimpse of my work that has made my clients happy! Look forward to creating something special for you too.

Get in touch!

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