Fatema Rangwala


Hi, I am Fatema Rangwala.

I was born in Chennai and raised in a small town called murud janjira and did my bachelors degree in arts from Bangalore university..hence travelling to so many places gave me a lot of exposure..I have no formal training in fine arts. However I have got a chance to work with a renowned artist Amisha Mehta and also got to participate in a famous Kala Godha festival in Mumbai.

My passion towards my art took birth in school days when I had to fill my science records with diagrams. Perhaps that’s why I liked science classes so much because they gave me an opportunity to draw and explore…I believe my interest kept growing ever since..

Art for me is a liberation. It encapsulates me.. it’s an expression of my thoughts and my deepest desire to amaze people. My selection of sketches depicts my personality which is traditional yet contemporary, explicit yet intellectual.

I love the idea that art can be fun, make people smile and still get such a huge response negative or positive..there is more to art than meets the eye.

My tools of my art are my pencils and pen largely because it gives me a greater control over my art. I believe by defining the black, white and grey shades one can generate an illusion, a third dimensional view.

I know my urge to learn and explore will take me places..I would want my conceived art to be treated as special as it is to me.

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Categories: Sketching

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