Poonam Sehrawat

Hi. I’m Poonam Sehrawat.

Professionally I am a Fashion Designer and worked for 8 yrs in the garment industry. I have a passion for Indian arts and crafts and have always wanted to create something of my own. Many of the designs in my collection are inspired from Indian textiles and crafts. I started creating some of these pieces as a hobby for my home, and they were greatly admired by many of my friends after seeing them. They persuaded me to launch my line to reach out to many others who would have passion for these hand crafted pieces. so, this is how “Indisplash” born last year. I have started this with hand painted lamps, vases and bottle art and in last 1 year added more products categories and art form like decoupage and digital prints of my hand painted art.

Through Indisplash I am trying to bring richness n vibrancy of Indian arts n textiles in our homes through unique handcrafted products. Each of “Indisplash” product has a story to tell; they afford rare glimpses into the everyday life of Indians over the ages. Glimpses that have been collected and lovingly transferred onto surfaces through the skillful hands. So you can sit in your drawing rooms & marvel at the beauty of ancient Indian art form.

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Categories: Decoupage, handmade crafts

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