Shalini Austin


All For The Love Of Lapidary & Wire!

Stamford based couple Dave & Shalini Austin make unique, hand-crafted semi-precious gemstone jewellery, wire art and polished rock specimens created individually in their design studio in their home in Stamford, UK.

Dave and Shalini are self taught in their crafts. They refer to basic wire-working and jewellery making tutorials from time to time to learn certain techniques and then adapt these to their own individual designs and style.

The main focus of Shalini?s jewellery is wire wrapping gemstones, hand-polished stones & beads.

Dave cuts and polishes some of the semi precious gemstones used in jewellery making and offers tumble-stones, polished specimens & cabochons for other designers and collectors too.

Both Shalini and Dave also make unique one-off Wire Sculpture trees and pictures with copper, lated copper & aluminium. Dave?s new favourite wire for the trees is bare iron. These go outdoors in the garden to be coloured by nature and end up a lovely rust colour.

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