Avani Dachepalli

Avani D

Essar – The Cake Boutique

Essar – The Case Boutique specialises in Indian inspired Cakes that fill the missing link between regular Cakes & Cakes for Indian Occasions.

Cakes in the Western World imply as a sweet not for every occasion and every celebration. However, in Indian Culture every celebration starts with something sweet. But Cakes are not out first priority.

Two Cultures so vastly different yet so very similar & this is where I want to use my art to bring the two corners together.

My ambition is to specialize in designing/creating cakes suitable for every India occasion. Housewarming, Engagement, Wedding, Baby Shower, Cradle Ceremony & many more.

Through cakes, I want to showcase the Indian Culture, colours designs and patterns. From elephants to peacocks, lotuses to mangoes, all the varied things that cry to the world “This Is India”.

Essar wants to cater to requests from both the Indian Settled abroad to the locals here in Melbourne.

To create an event that is completely Indian, especially the CAKE.

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