Hand painting

Chitranka Chowdhury


Hi. I’m Chitranka Chowdhury


Christened by my sister, accepted by my family and acknowledged by the known world around me; this name has brought a lot with it.

Appreciated for the traits it got along, I took up to painting in no time, since infancy. From scribbling on walls, to papers and canvas, it finally en route to fabric; still a long way to go.

But a story without a pinch of flavour is not really me.

So, here it goes…

A degree holder in Mass Communication wrote for a city-based leisure magazine, online forum write-ups were also in my loop. Interned in a renowned newspaper agency for half a year and then stride out to venture the ad world for a year and a half almost, as a writer, of course.

This isn’t over yet… if truth be told it is just the beginning of whole new life as CHITRANKA which means the artist.

Not in the league with the top-notch fashion designers, I have resorted to put my creativity and colours on fabric, for all those who love and appreciate art. The sphere of fabric is vast – I have chosen kurtas, kurtis, t-shirts and sarees for now. Along with fabric, murals too have found their way to my kitty.

So, have unravelled the book of artistic strokes for you, flip through the pages and add a tinge of vivid hues to your wardrobe.

Artfully yours… Chitranka!

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