Organic Clothing

Gabriela Hodges


Ola! I’m Gabriela Hodges.

I grew up in Slovakia, and came to the UK 15 years ago.

I see potential in my adopted country: potential for a good life, connected to nature and creativity.

The City of Cambridge where I live is full of art and artists and this inspires me.

I’m a single mum of a beautiful little girl. And that’s where the story of Imi’s Corner begins. I have enjoyed the challenge of making clothes for her using traditional skills by sewing and crochet.

Now she’s at school, I have been planning to return to work, but wanting to work for myself and use my skills to produce beautiful clothes for other children to wear and enjoy. My intention with Imi’s Corner is to stay as close to nature as possible by making clothes using mainly natural and organic materials that are produced without harming the land and water and air: our natural environment.

I hope you’ll enjoy looking at my products.

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