Hand painting

Kana Lomror


Hello. I’m Kana Lomror.

Being a fine artist, Vitreous Enamel is to me the medium which opens up new doors of experimentation in painting on metal surface that I would not otherwise explore.

It’s very challenging but simultaneously very exciting and satisfying medium to express my imaginations and ideas. In my most of the works instead of drawing with pen, pencil or colors I drew with copper wire to refine the images. It gives me much more pleasure and satisfaction to draw with wire than in other mediums. It is new direction of presenting vitreous enamel with canvas.

The images I have drawn so far are based on spiritual theme and the pigments used have more depth to enter and see the inner surface. It has symbolic meaning sometimes.

I would like the viewer to not only see my work but to see beneath and beyond the surface, to feel the intuitive magical process by which the final form assume meaning.

About The Medium

Vitreous Enamel is a special kind of glass/fritz strong and everlasting. When this glass fired in a pre-heated electric kiln at 800° to 850° C it melts and gets fused onto the metal base. The chemical composition in vitreous enamel is silica, potash and metallic oxides.

Different metallic oxides create different colors in enamel. The metal used in this process in copper and milled steel.

Enamel is fully weatherproof, climate resist and best suitable everlasting medium for interior and exterior projects. It has limitless possibilities to explore in many directions.

In this fired enamel art collection, pieces are covered with transparent and opaque enamels. Both are fired from 820° to 850° C. It is permanent and everlasting.

It will stay for thousands of years if the proper care is taken.


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