Hand painting

Nirupaplava Metta

Nirupaplava Metta

Hi. I’m Nirupaplava Metta


“After my cousin bought for me my first water color set, I had many little masterpieces of my own as a child – spilled paints, gaudy colors, and half done greeting cards. My mom encouraged me and I began spending many more hours during high school painting on fabric (saris, bedsheets, pillow covers, curtains etc) and selling them as a source of income – made my summers more and more colorful. I have always loved my fingers smeared with paints.

An engineer by profession now, my renewed passion for colors came from experiments with acrylic painting on canvas. The many hours I spend painting is a solace, my means of appreciating everything within and around me – skies, flowers, sea, people, emotions, music, fun, other artists and much more. I sell my paintings when asked for (It’s hard to give away some of them!) and frequently upload them to my page.

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