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Alessandra Arcangeli

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Hi, I’m Alessandra, from Italy.

I’m a paper artist; I love paper, it is such a versatile material!

You can create a lot of things from paper and the results are always amazing!

It’s all for the love of exploding boxes. I love to create them, they are little sculptures/gifts of 8 cm x 8 cm x 8 cm and I enjoy to create them for any occasion: Valentine’s, Christmas, Mother’s day, wedding, birthdays…

They are multipurpose and you can use them as a gift or as a greeting card: you can write a message on the inside because I usually cover one side with white paper, so you can write what you like and express your emotions beautifully 🙂

Some other creations that I create and are popular with my circle are paper flowers, paper jewels, greeting cards and home decorations

But nothing can beat my first love – the exploding boxes.

All my creations are one of a kind and I hope you will like them.

Enjoy and feel free to get in touch to say hello, buy some gorgeous stuff or perhaps exchange ideas. 

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