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Johanna Frank

Hi I’m Johanna Frank

I grew up in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany. It has its own advantages, Hamburg and its picturesque countryside makes you appreciate the beauty and nourishes your soul as an artist.  My journey as an artist started almost 7 decades before 🙂  well, I am just 27 years old however the story is far older.

After World war II, Germany was hit hard and the economy was exhausted. There was a scarcity of food, clothing and money, even to meet the basic necessities of life was an impossible task. In those extreme of conditions individual aspirations and dreams, wishes hardly had any place.  Growing up I heard lot many stories of how my grandma use to create handicrafts, toys, stitch clothes for my mother amidst this difficult time of depression, making my grandma, my hero -‘’A person who can cheer people up by her creativity’’

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These childhood memories also imbibed in me the idea of self reliance and creativity. For past 10 years I am pursuing my calling as an artist. I worship art in its all forms, and appreciate versitality in my work, limitless with open to all possibilities.  Art is a universe in microcosm expressing itself beautifully in all possible ways. I am a thinker, a handicraft artist, a sewing lady, a great lover of origami & creating candle and satisfied customer of my self created everyday utility products made from cloth, clay, stone and wood.

I can often be found sharing my craft with art enthusiasts in the local art market in Hamburg as OZM, annual Holyshit shopping and frequently on Tawanea. I really appreciate TwoCorner’s 1000 stories campaign, it is a platform with infinite possibilities, I wish them the very best.

‘’ I wish the world consist more of these two kinds of people: artist and art lovers than there will only be love, peace and Joy, no wars’’- Johanna Frank

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