What is Two Corners?

Two Corners is all about bringing two distinct and distanced forms together, on one platform. It could be people, creativity, thoughts, ideas, arts and innovations. As the name suggests, we’re all about connecting the Two Corners which, in today’s world seem to be drifting apart at a rapid pace.

With the advent of automation and technology, the creator and the buyer of skilled arts have moved farther due to machine made goods.  Machines promise high produce and surely, they do! While they deliver in terms of quantity and varieties, they lack the emotions and the aesthetics. Creativity is losing its battle against the world at a rapid pace.

We at Two Corners, along with you, the creator, the admirer, the buyer, the collector, want to get creativity back on track and help it flourish.  We all know the result of combining the colours Red and Blue is Magenta, which is nature’s marvel. But, do we know what the result of combining two different styles of art from Two Corners of the world is? No. We’re curious, but sadly, we don’t know what it will look and feel like!

Pablo Picasso once stated “Every child is an Artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.”

Haven’t you as a child drawn masterpieces, made Elephants out of clay, paper creatures and arts? Every parent witnesses this event as they watch their kids churn out masterpieces after masterpieces. Only a handful of them actually make their way into becoming artists, while the rest lose that trait somewhere during the journey called life.

Now, those numbers are even less. Products of creativity recite stories, narrate tales and are the past’s biographies! Arts and Crafts have no borders and can never have any. They are such! They are unique to different places, religions, traditions, tribes, terrain and ways of life. Yet, they share no borders. They never fail to fascinate and surprise!

We are starting the Art-o-lution and we want you to join us and get the Art-revolution rolling.  Encouraging and promoting artists whilst reviving dying artistic traditions and rare arts will be our primary focus areas. With your help, we can pioneer this change now.



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