How are we going to achieve it?

Finding and Collaborating with artists, promoting and encouraging their works, finding the right kind of a buyer, finding out what the buyer’s interested in, sharing success stories and fusing two kinds of arts from Two Corners of the world seems easy, doesn’t it?

It’s definitely not going to be easy. But something’s good about this generation we are in. It’s the digital era. We have us and technology to work to the Artists’ favour! Going social is everything now. All of us have our connections. Then we have our second level of connections and so on. Anything can go viral in minutes over the internet. An idea can entice the minds of a billion people in less than a million seconds. That’s roughly 11.5 days and with your help that’s but a click away!

We’ve technology to our aid and passionate people to drive this. To us, reviving a dying art and promoting artists is akin to an anthropologist extracting a dinosaur’s DNA from amber.

So, the question again, looks like we’ve strayed! How exactly are we going to do it?

  • Two Corners’ online platform will showcase and sell your creative products with a robust support model.
  • We’ll connect you with other Artisans in Europe and India to start with, through our exchange programs.
  • Social contribution of information will help everyone learn more about arts and crafts.In that process, we’ll help create a Fusion of two or more distinct styles and cultures!
  • Exclusive and high-end works of art, which means, you will enjoy putting your best into creating and we’ll promote all of it! No mass production. We understand Quality and Quantity are more like two parallel lines. Nobody gets to play God with it!
  • Interview Artists and buyers. Share their views and create an environment where the Artisans and buyers appreciate, encourage and acknowledge each others’ efforts.

To do better at this, we will need your help with identifying artists and art types which need help. We with your help will showcase these artists and arts directly. By eliminating middlemen and directly connecting Artisans with buyers, we will provide Artists with more exposure to buyers and their needs, while buyers will not have to face the wrath of the middlemen.

The result; Artisans feel encouraged, there is more skilled art out in the open, more creativity and stories of a lifetime to share and store!

Join us in the Art-o-lution by connecting dots from both corners. Encourage, showcase, admire, share stories and socialise!

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