Scorched Earth

Mud-on-your-face, and mine too. Let’s laugh together, says Suchitra Ravichandran a terra-cotta artist and designer from Bangalore.   A fistful of mud, shaped into intricate patterns, fired, wired and painted in exuberant colors. These pieces of terra cotta art adorn thousands of faces and necks throughout India and across […]

Chamu Kuppuswamy

Hi I’m  Chamu Kuppuswamy. A Bharathanatyam teacher, a National Park ranger, with a traditionalist vision to revitalise Bharathanatyam in modern Britain by using British landscape and wildlife as inspirations for creativity. Launched nationwide on BBC1 in July 2014, this concept is poised to revolutionise traditional dance and produce something […]

Alessandra Arcangeli

Hi, I’m Alessandra, from Italy. I’m a paper artist; I love paper, it is such a versatile material! You can create a lot of things from paper and the results are always amazing! It’s all for the love of exploding boxes. I love to create them, they are little […]


Two Corners proudly present India’s First Crowdfunding Conference Crowdfunding has become a serious source of capital to kick-start new ventures and is by far the most disruptive innovation of the 21st century. As an industry, crowdfunding has developed steadily into a primary tool for entrepreneurs and creative people […]