Nirupaplava Metta

Hi. I’m Nirupaplava Metta   “After my cousin bought for me my first water color set, I had many little masterpieces of my own as a child – spilled paints, gaudy colors, and half done greeting cards. My mom encouraged me and I began spending many more hours […]


Hi. I’m Trikboi And I’ve been creative since I can remember.  Obviously I had bouts of stagnation through doubt and various obstacles that presented themselves, but now I’m not going stop as I’ve noticed life seems to be traveling at such high speed.  As a youngster I used […]

Lakshmi Rajesh

Adithi’s Amma Sews I am Lakshmi aka Adithi’s Amma from Adithi’s Amma Sews. As can be easily inferred this venture of mine is inspired by my darling daughter. Software engineer by qualification,  I chose to quit job when my daughter was born in 2006. Couldn’t find affordable cute […]

Kana Lomror

Hello. I’m Kana Lomror. Being a fine artist, Vitreous Enamel is to me the medium which opens up new doors of experimentation in painting on metal surface that I would not otherwise explore. It’s very challenging but simultaneously very exciting and satisfying medium to express my imaginations and […]

Gabriela Hodges

Ola! I’m Gabriela Hodges. I grew up in Slovakia, and came to the UK 15 years ago. I see potential in my adopted country: potential for a good life, connected to nature and creativity. The City of Cambridge where I live is full of art and artists and […]