Chitranka Chowdhury

Hi. I’m Chitranka Chowdhury CHITRANKA… Christened by my sister, accepted by my family and acknowledged by the known world around me; this name has brought a lot with it. Appreciated for the traits it got along, I took up to painting in no time, since infancy. From scribbling […]

Anirudh Sainath

Hi. I’m  Anirudh Sainath I was born and raised in New-Delhi; I started drawing the day I was able to wield a pencil (I think was around 3) , art has been my passion ever since. When my formal schooling days were over (I was very glad it was […]

Avani Dachepalli

Essar – The Cake Boutique Essar – The Case Boutique specialises in Indian inspired Cakes that fill the missing link between regular Cakes & Cakes for Indian Occasions. Cakes in the Western World imply as a sweet not for every occasion and every celebration. However, in Indian Culture […]

Fatema Rangwala

Hi, I am Fatema Rangwala. I was born in Chennai and raised in a small town called murud janjira and did my bachelors degree in arts from Bangalore university..hence travelling to so many places gave me a lot of exposure..I have no formal training in fine arts. However […]

Shalini Austin

All For The Love Of Lapidary & Wire! Stamford based couple Dave & Shalini Austin make unique, hand-crafted semi-precious gemstone jewellery, wire art and polished rock specimens created individually in their design studio in their home in Stamford, UK. Dave and Shalini are self taught in their crafts. […]